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A selection of stylish tops is listed below, browse and choose between formal, casual and unique pieces at the comfort of your own home. A selection made from your favorite local boutiques sourced from Italy, France and many other places.

SAR 2,400.00
Leaf embroidered shell tunic
SAR 1,610.00
Guipure embroidered floral top with back bow
SAR 1,955.00
Embroidered floral tulle top
SAR 3,105.00
Sequinned and chiffon boat-neck top
SAR 977.50
Short-sleeve crepe top
SAR 1,150.00
T-shirt with long lace bottom
SAR 2,300.00
Cut-out tie-neck top
SAR 920.00
Boat-neck sequinned shoulder top
SAR 920.00
Sequinned V-neck top with feather trim